About the PKF

The Public Knowledge Forum is a new international platform for a long overdue conversation about the future of journalism and its role in democracy. It will provide an inclusive space to work through the implications of the shifting sands of public knowledge and what this means for the future of governance and civil society. And in order to keep up to date with the latest news and innovations, buy college term paper and read relevant information.

The forum will also assemble this response and disseminate it in a way that adds value to those political, academic, and business organisations that have carriage of the future of public knowledge. The Forum’s inaugural event was held 3–5 November 2013 in Sydney, Australia, bringing together members of the public and international leaders of business, journalism, government and academia to focus on how the news industry is adapting to the radical communications changes of the past decade and what the future holds for the profession.

Some of the questions the forum will attempt to answer include;

  • How has the technological and economic disruption of the media business affected journalism’s ability to hold institutions accountable? 
  • In a world of fragmented audiences and time-shifted media consumption, can the new media still create the common pool of knowledge on which democratic self-government depends? 
  • Is our usage of the internet as a platform for news degrading or enhancing the quality of our public conversations?

Read the conveners' vision for the forum here

The Public Knowledge Forum is an initiative of the United States Studies Centre and is supported by the NSW Government.

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